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ed'garas andriūnas   2010-08-16
painted with oil colors . and its my work
___   2010-08-30
Very interesting works and unique ideas. I like your style of taking pictures and would like to wish you good luck :)!
Tiesiog Vaida   2010-08-24
Good luck to you works, good stuff. :) :) Sincerely, VA.I.DA
CHAOS THEORY   2010-08-18
:)Hello :)
Petresku   2010-08-19
Many thanks:)
Simōne Saref   2010-09-12
Balko   2010-10-01
hello I love you to submit images of urban form. As far as I understood you have been in Lithuania. It would be nice to see those forms that you have done in Vilnius. :)
aBs   2010-10-02
Wish, I could:(( - been to Vilna only few times and without my photo gear; so, I really have nothing interesting to share. How about you?
Balko   2010-10-10
/ aBs/ Hello, most do not know why I'm involved in all this. However, as you and I said, here's a typical Kūdra thing, but in the privacy - opponent wants to play and it is not appropriate. :)
Balko   2010-10-10
2010-10-02/ How about me? I live here:), but the pictures it's almost not.
Balko   2010-10-15
aBs/10"10"13/ I do not know what to say:) How are you doing? Will set something in Japanese, would be nice ot.



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ka pirkti? Canon EOS 50D, Nikon D90 o gal Canon EOS 7D...
1D MKIII, 5D MKII, 7D? Ką rinktis?
Akvalangas fotoaparatui
Akvalangas fotoaparatui
1D MKIII, 5D MKII, 7D? Ką rinktis?
1D MKIII, 5D MKII, 7D? Ką rinktis?
Canon EOS 60D is here!!!
1D MKIII, 5D MKII, 7D? Ką rinktis?
1D MKIII, 5D MKII, 7D? Ką rinktis?

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  apie Dviese...   2011 02 19 06:10
awesome - you already know that; nice seeing you over here!
  apie Dviese...   2011 02 19 06:09
  apie Smalsutis bukutis   2011 01 30 07:54
grazi uodega:)
  apie the new generation   2010 12 19 01:14
Thank you, Vaidute!!
  apie Sustingęs miestelis   2010 12 05 06:00
5- imk petaka; grazus kaimas!!